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All services include the removal of any prior polish, trimming and shaping of the nails, clean up of the cuticles, a light hand massage, and the application of polish.

The implementation of single-use nail filers and buffers are utilized to ensure cleanliness.

Deluxe Organic Manicure

Basic Gel


Acrylic Full Set with Regular Polish

Acrylic Powder Full Set with Gel Polish

Dip Powder Manicure

Gel Powder Full Set with Gel Color

Pink & White Manicure

Ombré Manicure



Add Ons

White French Tip

Fingernail Designs

Silver Line Design

Organic Polish

Feel at ease, knowing that you will find the perfect shade of polish.

At Eagan Red Nails we have over 700 shades of regular polish, over a 1,000 shades of gel polish, and 500 shades of dip powder.

Mermaid Polish

Platinum Polish

Broken Nail Fix

Extra Lengthening and Shaping

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